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Los Angeles is entertainment!

Hollywood, movies, sports. You see it everywhere in LA. This week I experienced these characteristics of LA.

sunny 24 °C

My first advice if you visit LA for a couple days. Rent a car! The city is very big so walking is far! Of course I walked :) This week I had 2 meetings with the LA Dodgers and the Musical Centre. In addition to it, I hiked up to the Observatory and the Hollywood sign, saw movie stars in our supermarket and watched the LA Marathon.

Meeting at LA Dodgers
After a long walk (1,5 hour) I arrived at the stadium which they are renovating. The new owners invested $150 million to renovate the stadium. It was cool to go there and had a nice conversation with marketing director Erik Braverman.
Quote Dodgers: "Players win games - Teams win championships!"
Quote Mr. Braverman: "Never say I don't have time for it, but I can't make time for it."
Afterwards he also invited me to a Dodgers game at the 2nd of April. Lucky!

2013-03-12 22.59.13

2013-03-12 22.59.13

2013-03-15 19.37.08

2013-03-15 19.37.08

Meeting a muscial centre
Talking with an inspiring person? Talk with Jim Royce. He started his career as an actor and is now responsible for 3 of the biggest theaters in LA. His best advice sounds logical but is not that easy: "People and companies need to listen more and better to their customers. Especially with all the resources (digital) we're receiving nowadays".
In the night I was invited to see the play TRIBES in one of the theaters. Cool!

Tomorrow I will leave LA for 4 days and head on to Las Vegas! Let's see if I can become a millionaire ;)

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Time flies when you're having fun (2 months)

Besides my adventures of the last week I would like to take a moment.... and talk about the last 2 months. I will give some quotes about my thoughts during this trip and top 3 lists about cultures, cities and 'work' (it will be very subjective).

22 °C

During my travel I meet people from all over the world. With some you build a connection and with others you don't. For example: people in the USA are open and spontaneous, but sometimes not great at listening...- not every American of course :) -
Quote: If you are able to really listen, that's the moment you're able to connect.

2013-03-05 23.29.16

2013-03-05 23.29.16

Nationalities I meet the most: (besides American and Canadian)
1. Australia
2. Germany
3. China

As of this moment I visited Vancouver BC, Seattle, Vancouver WA, Portland, San Francisco, Oakland, Pescadero, Santa Cruz, Monterrey, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles.

When you travel this West-Coast road you notice that the USA has 'different countries' in their country. This means that the big cities have their own culture and behavior. Interesting is that citizens lived everywhere. Confronting question to ask yourself: Why do you live where you live?
Quote: Don't settle in one place, but look over the 'border' and you will find out.

2013-03-04 19.14.52

2013-03-04 19.14.52

Beautiful cities during my trip
1. San Francisco
2. Seattle
3. Monterrey (+Big Sur)

One of my goals during my trip is to discover and think about my passions. One of my goals is that I never want to 'work', but follow my passion. Build something where you will be proud of. A challenge. Take a chance and you will never regret.
Successful companies (like Adidas, Google) I visited try to be more than an employer. They build a world where you have fun in every way.

2013-03-08 19.07.32

2013-03-08 19.07.32

Brands I saw the most
1. Starbucks (I became a fan, without drinking coffee)
2. Mc Donalds (only ate one time)
3. Safeway (everything is discount :) )

Books and Music
During my travel I listen to a lot of music and read interesting business books. Tomorrow I finally start with some fiction.
Good books and music let you imagine about dreams. Write ideas down because it helps you and it's fun!

My great travel music
1. Johnny Cash - Walk the Line
2. Men At Work - Land down under
3. Acda en de Munnik - Lopen tot de zon komt

Business books
1. Who moved my cheese? - Spencer Johnson (about life - for everyone)
2. Brand against the machine - John Morgan (branding)
3. Zag - Marty Neumeier (branding)

Well, next in this short summary, I am staying now close to Hollywood with David and Trisha. A great place. My roadtrip the last week was amazing and had fun with my fellow travelers Lana, Margot (Dutch), Chaz (USA) and Andreas (Germany). The coming week I will combine meetings (Tuesday: LA Dodgers!!) with exploring LA and enjoy the sun.

Let's end with my animal connection in my LA days: yesterday I was relaxing in a park when a bird shot right on my nose....well bad luck you think...today I am standing in the backyard and a dog is peeing on me ;( I have a feeling that there is a animal conspiracy against me.
I will let you know next week, what happened more. Wish me luck.

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Highway 1!

After a 'business week' in San Francisco, Oakland and San Bruno we head on to Highway 1. Visiting Pescadero, Santa Cruz and tomorrow...? We don't know yet, but it will be good ;)

17 °C

From Monday until Tuesday I stayed my last day at the great Adelaide hostel. During my period in the hostel I get to know people from all over the world. Fascinating! On Wednesday I left San Francisco and traveled by train to the most criminal city of California. Oakland.

I stayed at a couch surfing address. This house (old hotel) was definitely a hippies place. I had to adapt myself a little, was sleeping at a couch in the living room. This room was also used for smoking weed. So without smoking I probably smoked ;)


Friday morning I went back to San Francisco and was ready for a car trip. Destination: Los Angeles! Together with 2 Dutch girls we rented a car and heading to Highway 1!

Right now I am in Santa Cruz which is the kingdom for Surfers. Along the way we saw great views and we heard it will become even better. Cool! On Friday we were sleeping in Pescadero at a lighthouse. In the night we had red wine, a campfire and the sound of the sea. Ow and of course exciting stories from all over the world.

Meeting with Wibe van der Vijver at Youtube
After renting a car I first stopped at San Bruno where I would meet Wibe. A Google strategist from Google which welcomed me at the head office of Youtube. Intelligent people combined with passion and humor gives energy and a place where people want to work. They even had a glide in the middle of the building! We had a great talk about passion and goals in life. Quote: Look for a higher goal and search for it. What is....you will find it out.

San Francisco - Meeting with marketing director Scott Kane at SHN Musicals
I talked with Scott Kane about communicate the musical experience to their customers. They advertise their shows by presenting free content from actors and directors behind the scene. Quote: " There are people with excuses and people with results".

Oakland - Meeting with owner Tracy LLoyd of marketing agency Brand Emotive.

Emotive Brand helps corporate companies to connect in an authentic way with their customers. They preserve, add, refine and in the end thrive brands. Quote: "When people show you who they are".

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An Island with inspiring stories

How to escape a prison?, How to build a long bridge?, How created Walt Disney, Walt Disney? The answers...visit San Francisco!


Monday and Tuesday
A lot of rain and wind - meeting fellow travellers......other travelstories...learning how to play Monopoly at some German and Danish competitors ;)
Denmark has problems

Denmark has problems

Wednesday - Alcatraz
How to escape Alcatraz? Spoons to dig in a wall, fabricate a fake head, clime, slide down and peddle with a created boat. Yes, it's not that hard. Just a short summary about one of the great stories at the Island. It's a nice place to go, because you are 'alone' at Alcatraz. This means that you can walk around the Island without a guide and hear about the stories when you want. The amazing view and nature complete the experience.
Aerts in Alcatraz

Aerts in Alcatraz

Thurday - Walt Disney Museum
If you love biographies of inspiring persons. Visit this museum. "You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make this dream a reality". I could'nt have said it in a better way, thank you Walt.

Walt Disney museu

Walt Disney museu

Walt Disney World in miniature

Walt Disney World in miniature

The other sunny days I walked a lot (3 hours a day), visited nice parks and saw the imposant Golden Gate Bridge. Despite the expensive life I enjoyed the night live with cool people from all over the world.
Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Next week I will visit at Tuesday a Musical organisation (SHN) and on Thursday a marketing agency (Emotive Brand) in Oakland. This means I will leave San Francisco on Wednesday and stay at a couchsurfing adres in Oakland. Hopefully I can visit Google in Mountain Vieuw on Friday. (not sure yet). I hope it's Friday because 2 Dutch travellers asked me to hire a car and drive together to LA. Would be really cool because the landscape is great overthere. Ow and they are nice girls ;)

]Palace of fine art

Palace of fine art

At the 7th of March I will visit LA and stay with friends of Jena (Seattle).

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If you're going to San Francisco...

"If you're going to San Francisco, sure to wear some flowers in your hair, If you are going to San Francisco, You're gonna meet some gentle people there. Yes, I just arrived and will find out about the gentle people over here :)

16 °C

Trip to SF

Poeh...that was a long train journey. After 18 hours I finally ended up in my hostel at San Francisco. I didn't see much of the city yet, but the weather today was pretty nice. About 16 degrees celcius and only sun! Next week I will tell about my experiences in San Francisco. For now, I will write about my week in weird Portland.

Meeting at Bamboo Sushi
Combine the believe to protect sealife with a profitable sushi restaurant and you end up at Bamboo Sushi. Quote: start up a company with a believe that inspires your life. The whole company needs to feel the values and mission where you stand for. At that moment customers will believe and connect with their emotion and similar values.

At Bamboo Sushi

At Bamboo Sushi

At Bamboo Sushi

At Bamboo Sushi

Meeting at Portland Timbers
Score a goal and a timber will cut a slice of wood. The audience get's crazy when the team wins and the players cheer with the wood. This unusual habit fits exactly for Portland and the soccer team Portland Timbers. They create a culture where the fans interact and decide. That way they accomplish a unique and authentic culture. (photos on facebook)

Meeting at Adidas
A big campus where employees of Adidas work. It seems obvious, but for a lot of people is their work a 'job'. At Adidas it is play sports together on the soccer and basketball courts, work out, eat together and talk about their similair passion. My learning is create an environment where there is more than only work.

At Adidas

At Adidas

In short terms this week I had a lot of interesting meetings and a great time watching some movies with Joselyn. When it's showing in the Netherlands...watch Side Effects, it's a cool movie. I also loved the Japanese Gardens. After my Adidas meeting I went up there - received a free ticket from partner Bamboo Sushi - and enjoyed this amazing nature. The coming week I have enough time to see San Francisco and meet with some fellow travelers. Probably I will stay for 1,5-2 weeks in San Francisco and after that head towards Los Angeles!

Japanese Gardens

Japanese Gardens

Japanese Gardens

Japanese Gardens

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