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Why Nicaragua?

Almost 3 weeks in Nicaragua. A good moment to show some good stuff about Nicaragua. Hereby a couple top 3 lists.

sunny 37 °C


The country is surrounded with vulcano´s. After a couple hikes I will give a top 3 list. This Saturday I experienced the new sport vulcano boarding. On top of the vulcano I slided down with a board. It was really cool! Highspeed 60 km/hour.

1. Mombacho
2. Concepcion
3. San Christobal

Vulcano boarding

Vulcano boarding

1. Learn to speak basic Spanish
2. Leave the touristic places
3. Discover the real culture

In the city of Leon are a lot op wall drawings, churches and statues. I read a lot about the war and problems in the last 50 years. The revolution which started in 1979 (until 1990), the relationship with the USA, current president Ortega which started the revolution.

1. Read about the war and history of the country.
2. Take time to view the wall drawing.
3. You will see stories in beautiful drawings.



Tomorrow I will decide what the plan is for the coming week. Ideas: live a week with locals in their house, teach English to Nicaraguan children, travel to the Corn Islands (Carribean) by bus and boat. As you see enhough ideas and adventures for the coming week.

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My trip has to many great moments to remember. This blog is about a story which I will remember, but was a scary moment in my trip. After it happened I had many thoughts that I try to share.

sunny 37 °C

Full moon, nice weather, local music, entertainment on the street...shortely; a great atmosphere on Saturday night in Granada. So far so good.

Later. Just outside the centre (with a Dutch friend) we find a nice local party. People are friendly, dancing and we enjoy our Tona beers. At 11 PM we leave, walk back talking about...

All of the sudden 3 young bandits with knives surround us... 10 seconds later...her bag is robbed and my wallet is gone. Luckily we are okay and we miss nothing of big value.

Later that night I can not fall a sleep. Thinking about these bandits. Or should I say kids?

First I was mad about this injustice act. Later I think about their thoughts and reasons to steal. Is it fair?
Is it fair to sleep with 10 persons under a small roof? Is it fair growing up with no education or future plans? Is it fair that wealthy tourists complain about everything?

What I do know is that everything starts with trust in people. Especially when violence will be used to solve unfairnes, the worst thing is to become scared. When you stop trusting people. It could be the start of more unfairnes. For me this was one of the first moments in my life that my trust got attacked. Despite this moment hopefully I can stay naive (not stupid) and trust people.

PS. Of course it will also be a cool story to tell in bars :)

Next week a happier story about my world trip!

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Nicaragua: an adventurous hike

A lot of impressions and unknown views the last days. A beautiful country with great nature, nice locals but also a lot of poverty.

sunny 37 °C

Hiking @Mambucho

Hiking @Mambucho

Today I walked for 6 hours up to Vulcano Mumbacho. It is beautifull!

My cool taxi

My cool taxi

After my long walk I was happy to find a local taxi. Half hour drive back to Granada was an experience. Price: 100 Cordobas = 3 euro :)

Swimming in lake Nicaragua

Swimming in lake Nicaragua

Swimming after a nice boattrip with fellow travellers. Everyone only spoke Spanish, so interaction was a bit hard. PS. In the lake are still living bull sharks, so the swim was short.

Diner for 5 euros with fellow travellers

Diner for 5 euros with fellow travellers

Great nights to eat for less, great atmosphere. The heat during the day (37 degrees) is gone and there is a lot to see.

Learning Spanish at class

Learning Spanish at class

Taking a Spanish class to talk a little with locals.

PS. I do not know how to get the photo standing in the right way. Sometimes I hate computers...

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A new World?

Only 4 days left and my time in USA is over. This means a whole new journey starts. Nicaragua!

sunny 23 °C

Why a new world?

- It's after Haiti the poorest country of Latin America.
- There are vulcano's on the west-coast.
- Tropical rainforest on the east coast
- The current President Ortega started the civil war which ended in 1990.
- It's around 40 degrees celcius.

I am really curious how my adventure will be overthere. I will keep you updated!
Next to my prepare of Nicaragua, I am looking back on a great and inspiring time in the USA. My focus was to meet inspiring people and companies. This challenge is 100% fullfilled. All the different meetings gave me new ideas and help to start up a new challenge when I am returning.

Dreamworks and South Park Studios
The last week I found my way in the designer world.
A visit at the Dreamworks company with Hamish Grieve. He is a designer and storywirter of movies like Shrek, Sharktale and was head of story at the new animation movie Rise of the Guardians. Besides this meeting I talked with one the first designers of South Park. For 17 years he works at the South Park Studios and think about cool characters and rude jokes ;)


In addition to these meetings I watched for a couple days the house of Hamish and Mylissa Grieve and was looking after their dog. These days I had enough time to think back at all those different meetings. It's the art of taking useful learning out of it and use it for my own future. Today I am leaving the house and return to David and Trisha. The last days will be cool because Tuesday I will rent a car for a meeting near San Diego and Wednesday I will watch a ballgame of the LA Dodgers.

Hereby a summary of all the cool meetings during my trip:

1. Vancouver Canucks (Vancouver)
2. Fresh Air Cinema (Vancouver)
3. Invoke Media (Vancouver)
4. SIP North West (Seattle)
5. Gary J. Taylor - attorney (Seattle)
6. Bar/Restaurant West 5 (Seattle)
7. Angella Smalley - marketer (Seattle)
8. Marketing agency Copacino (Seattle)
9. Bamboo sushi (Portland)
10. Portland Timbers (Portland)
11. SHN Musical Theatre (San Francisco)
12. Emotive Brand (Oakland)
13. Youtube (San Bruno)
14. Herbalife (Los Angeles)
15. Dreamworks (Los Angeles)
16. South Park Studios (Los Angeles)
17. Hollywood Outdoor Movies - coming Tuesday (near San Diego)

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Money talks!

Wow! New York, Paris, Treasure Island, Venice....you find it in Vegas!

sunny 24 °C

They created a paradise to get people in Vegas. Of course all of the attractions are in demand of the Casino's. In the end "Money talks". Parties, impressive shows, weddings, strip bars...yes they have it. In this blog I will show some videos and pictures about some cool experiences. Enjoy!

We were invited to a wedding in Vegas of a cool Dutch couple which we met in the hostel. Elvis the Pelvis was in charge of the marriage between Bastiaan and Eveline. The wedding and the aterparty were great. Watch this video to have an impression of Elvis and the wedding.

Sightseeing Las Vegas
In Vegas there is always a show or something to see. During the days we walked a lot, but it was worth it.

Fellow travellers

Fellow travellers





Coca Cola en M&M world!
These stores show how strong and powerful a brand can be. People go on the photo with a polar bear, real life M&M's and buy everything with the name Coca Cola or M&M's on it. Yes, they know how to create engagement with their customers.

NBA Basketball
It's entertainment and basketball. After this video I don't need to tell you more :)

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